Retail Pricelist for Products of Custom Photo Mosaics, Inc.

There are three pieces to determining the price of your finished Custom Photo Mosaic (excluding packaging and shipping if required):

  1. Quantity and types of images supplied
  2. Mosaic file creation
  3. Size and quantity of posters desired

The costs here are for handling and scanning of all of your images.

How many unique images are you supplying? Self digitized on CD-ROM Images from photos
50 image minimum $50.00 $50.00

each add'l image

2000 image maximum

$0.25 $1.00


Plus the cost for creating the electronic file of the original mosaic.

Total number of unique images from all categories Cost
1-1000 $200
1001-2000 $300


Plus the cost here, which depends upon the size and quantity of prints you desire.

Prints are made using digital photographic presses which print on real photographic paper.
They are archival prints and will last for generations.

Size Photographic Prints
16" x 20" $63
20" x 24" $84
24" x 36" $150
30" x 42" $225



Duratrans is a translucent plastic material which needs to be backlit and then has the appearance of stained glass.

Duratrans 16"x 20" Print $75
Duratrans 20"x 24" Print $100


Light boxes are one night rental prices and must be returned by noon the next day. A credit card damage deposit of $200 is required and is completely refundable upon return of the undamaged lightbox.

Rental of Lightbox to display 16"x 20" Duratrans $40
Rental of Lightbox to display 20"x 24" Duratrans $60


These are printed using digital offset presses on 100lb gloss stock. They are not printed on photographic paper and are not archival. No rush service available on these.

Large Quantities up to 18" x 27" avg. cost per poster
50 $940 $18.80
100 $980 $9.80
200 $1,050 $5.25
500 $1,250 $2.50


Cd-rom archiving of images (if desired) $20 flat fee plus $.15 per image
Rush surcharges:
100% for 1 week turnaround (no image limit); overnight shipping included
Plus tax if applicable